code_coverThe Liquid & Hazardous Waste Code of Practice has been developed by the liquid waste contracting industry. It was felt that as an industry something needed to be done that would allow the players in the industry to have some ability to contribute to the future direction of their chosen industry.

The Code relates to liquid waste and hazardous waste requiring transport from a waste generator to its treatment and/or disposal point.

The Code has been developed to protect human health and the environment.

It is intended to provide best-practice references for parties involved in the waste industry and is based on best information that is currently available.

The development of the Code has been carried out by a group of the actual contracting industry with the background support and project management from NZ Water & Wastes Association.

Recognition of the importance of the Code has come from the fact that the Ministry of Environment has sought a level of accreditation within the industry. This will be an industry self-audit to achieve accreditation. At the time of writing (March 2004) the audit is about to be tested on a core group of 12 businesses throughout New Zealand. By end of April 2005 the aim is to have 80% of the industry throughout the country as part of the scheme.

Indications from a number of Government Agencies, Local Councils and Corporate bodies is that once the accreditation is complete then those contractors who have completed this phase will be preferred contractors. It would appear in some cases that access to disposal sites will also be limited to those accredited contractors.

There are now some moves to develop a National Certificate for the actual operators to achieve some individual recognition. While this is only at a very early stage it has significant support from the industry. This is being developed along NZQA unit standard lines and in conjunction with Road Transport & Logistics Industry Training Organisation.

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Carl accepting Baywaste's certificate, for passing the inaugural internal audit as recommended in the Liquid & Hazardous Waste Code of Practice from Bill Bayfield. Bill is the General Manager for the Sustainable Industry and Climate Change under the Ministry for the Environment