Organic Waste Dewatering

Using modern technology, we have now set up our own dewatering plant for the economical disposal of difficult liquid wastes.

With this plant we can process all of the grease traps and other organic wastes produced in the Gisborne region.

Starting with a raw product like this in our tanks....


It gets blended with a polymer and put into our draining bin...


And we get crystal clear water coming out the draining ports and down the sewer.


The leftover solid is then taken to a local worm farm.

Oily Waste Dewatering

hdr777We are also able to dewater oily wastes produced from Carwashes, Steam Cleaning Bays, Workshops and Petrol Station Interceptors.

With no landfill or other means of disposal for this type of waste in the Gisborne District, this Dewatering Plant is Vital for this area.

All wastes collected are bought to our site and emptied into an underground tank. This is then left to settle for a number of days.

We then pump the liquid up into a stainless Steel Tank. 95% of the solid is left in the Underground tank.

The Stainless Tank is then slowly emptied into a bin that contains a pump that is controlled bya Karcher HDR 777.

This machine batch treats the liquid by breaking down the hydrocarbon content and filtering out the solids. The water is then pumped to the sewer.

The leftover solid is then mixed with wood shavings and dried. This is then taken to cleanfill.