We are proud to be a Fully Code Compliant Liquid Waste Contractor in the Gisborne and East Coast Area.

Our Company has undergone a full audit of Operational and Administration Systems and have been found to be fully compliant under the Liquid & Hazardous Waste Code of Practice


Our Company uses the New Zealand Waste Tracking System

Want to know how your Septic Tank works? Click Here

dsc03803_large_web_viewWe operate 3 Liquid Waste Suction Trucks that are capable of a vast range of jobs. They vary in size from 4000L to 6500L. Two of these truck hold up to 100 metres of suction hose.

Our newest truck ISUCK4 has been designed for jobs that have limited access space, or places that our other trucks cant get to.

We also have a dedicated Portable Toilet truck that can transport 6 loos (or 14 with trailer) and is setup to service up to 14 loos at a time.


With over 30 years ownership within the Worsnop Family, this knowledge and expertise is unequalled locally in this field.

We offer our Septic Tank services to The Gisborne District, East Coast, Wairoa and Mahia.

We have an extensive database recording our Septic Tank Cleaning for the district, and offer the free service of calling you when your tank is due to be cleaned. If you live in the Gisborne District and want to know when your tank was last cleaned, send the following details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Phone Number

We will search our database and promptly reply to you. If you have not been at the property for long include a previous owners name.


aloo4uWe boast the largest number of portable toilets available in Gisborne at a moment’s notice and can supply toilets for any occasion.

From the smallest backyard party or the camping toilet to the largest gathering or civil emergency, we have "been there….done that"…..and done it well.

Our stock now includes 5 Flushing loos ideal for weddings and 4 trailerised units ideal for field workers.

Our stock also includes the only portable disabled toilet in Gisborne.

We have the ability to "call in reinforcements" from other areas to cope with the large number of loos required at certain times of the year.


Have you checked you water tank lately, for dead birds, rodents, and all those other greeblies that "hang out" in your drinking water supply.

We can estimate a price to clean out your tank and have it ready for a fresh load to be delivered. Our experienced team are willing to get right inside your tank, and scrub the walls and the floor with a broom to remove the build-up. We can suction up all the debris and leave a nice clean tank that leaves that "good taste in your mouth!"


612Regular servicing of your sumps and grease traps help eliminate the problem of potential of drain blockages, and any concerns with the District Council Inspection visits.

We have a database recording system and visit at that set frequency to service your facilities to a very high standard.

At present we are the only company in Gisborne that has the ability to treat this sort of liquid waste.


We have to ability to clean out oily waste sumps, carwash sumps, wash bay sumps and interceptors. We are able to process this waste through our Oily Waste Dewatering Facility .

We recommend regular servicing of these sumps so that any oil or silt does not get carried through the sumps and into the council sewer system.


We have the ability to deal with a wide range of products in this category. Please feel free to call us with your specific requirements.